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Mogul Lab provides a robust toolkit of Insights, Influential Media and Marketing Platforms to help executives understand & serve the modern affluent.

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Mogul Lab Media

Leverage our media network to IMPACT affluent audiences with innovative native ads.
You can also launch customer focus groups, online surveys, polls, reviews, quizzes & contests.

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Generation Mogul - The Voice of the Modern Mogul
Generation Mogul is a curated portal of the best podcasts, events, shows and media for ambitious pros
Mogul Talk - The Influencers Soapbox
Mogul Talk is an intimate interview series that profiles innovative leaders and their journey to success
Art of Stilettos - Bold. Beautiful. Her.
Art of Stilettos is the destination for the woman with style just as savvy as her corporate acumen
Ambition Index -
Ambition Index is a front-row seat into the people, places and trends in the world of fashion, media and tech
Cultured Urbanite - hat's Hot in the City
Cultured Urbanite provides a community for creative pros to share local events, eateries, and experiences
Cultured Urbanite - hat's Hot in the City
Inspired by form and function wrapped in luxury, Mogul Rack is a marketplace of the best products from the best designers.

Mogul Lab Marketing

Go beyond just the data and IMPACT modern affluent audiences with our marketing platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Done Right.

Influencer marketing adds the forgotten human touch that drives word of mouth, influence and conversion better than traditional advertising.

Cultural Relevance is a fully managed network of vetted digital stars and celebrities ready to create engaging sponsored posts and product collaborations for you.

Content Creation

Mogul Lab Studios

Film + Content  + Creative + VR

A full service production and creative agency specializing in content creation, TV&Film, media buys, public relations, social media, Virtual Reality, Web & App Development

Sales Channels

Mogul Rack Marketplace

Members Only Marketplace

The Mogul Rack marketplace connects designers, distributors and manufacturers of beautiful modern products with affluent shoppers.

Mogul Rack opens a new sales and marketing channel for brands that service shoppers with a sophisticated taste.

As a Mogul Rack Partner your brand and products will also enjoy our experiential marketing, physical pop-up shops, private dinner showings and more.

Focus Groups

Custom Research

Launching a new product or need a second opinion on the needs of your customers?

Our in-house research team can strategize and conduct research campaigns on your behalf.

Affulent customers across our media network, social platforms, and events are polled to provide you with the insight you need.

Data collected is returned in beautiful downloadable PDFs & CSVs.







About Mogul Lab

The modern affluent customer differs drastically from prior generations. They have trust-issues with brands. They ignore ads. They aren't interest in seasonal campaigns. Their favorite celebrities aren't on magazine covers or in movies.

They are more passionate about the purpose and people behind the brand than the products themselves. Marketing is in a new era and brands need to adapt.

Mogul Lab is here to help brands fill the gaps between themselves and modern affluents. Using our insights, influential media and marketing platforms we help brands better serve affluent customers.

Predict with Insights

  • Mogul Lab Insights is an annual subscription that provides access to our research and educational events to help brands understand customers and buying habits.

Impact with Media & Marketing

  • We develop an ever-expanding set of media and marketing platforms aimed at helping brands find solutions to sales and marketing challenges.

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