Frequently Asked Questions

Need More Than Research? We Offer Advisory Services

Mogul lab is a global consumer research and advisory firm. Outside of our events and online research we offer advisory services ranging from $25,000 to more than $100,000 annually. You will have a dedicated advisor and access to our support team for advisory calls to tackle your business problems.

How Does Mogul Lab Serve Your Business Needs?

Get the education your team needs to enter new markets with minimal loss of investment and time. Understand entire populations of new customer segments with our research and advisory services.

Mogul Lab can help with moderating online focus groups, decide the best route to communicate with new markets.

Get the information and trends impacting your market and consumers in the socioeconomic bracket you target. Discover innovative ideas for new products and implementing mass-adoption to win in business.

How Easy is it to Find What I Need?

Our website has a very easy navigation and powerful search function to ensure all the research and advisory help you need is at your fingertips.

What are the Main Benefits of a Mogul Lab Membership?

We have highly skilled advisory experts in virtually all industries. You can do the research for yourself or clients knowing that you will have an advisor to help you understand the industry, culture and nuances necessary for success.

How Often Does Mogul Lab Publish Research

We have a research calendar that focuses on specific sectors monthly.


These are the topics we cover:

Watches & Jewelry
Beauty China
Home Care US
Auto US
Grocery US
Wealth Management US: Content Marketing – Insight Report
Retail US
Retail Europe
Beverages & Beer
Consumer Electronics
Customer Service
Activewear US
Luxury Hotels
Specialty Retail US
Beauty US
Beauty China

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