Brand Awareness Software


One click to launch your product with reviews, interviews, influencers & premium ads.

How it Works

Removing the headaches of a successful launch with a network of podcasts, vetted influencers, reviewers and premium ad experiences.

Gathering your assets

You have the option of sending your video and image ads you’ve already created, as well as, samples for review. We can also help create videos and ads if you don’t have those.


Perfecting your mix

Based on your budget you will be able to chose how many ad impressions, influencer campaigns, podcast ad spots and interviews can be apart of your campaign.


Targeting your audience

From gender, age, interests even to local cities; you will be able to choose the demographic that best fits the customers you want to attract.


Maximizing your reach

Your dedicated manager will then report the progress of your campaign and provide answers to all your concerns.

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